The Real Prophets of 2012

Ethan Cohen and Mike Judge earn their prophets’ badge by surpassing the Mayans and Nostradamus in their predictions with a 2006 American film; a satirical science fiction comedy “Idiocracy.” Gangnam Style reached 1 billion views on youtube today, and the world has officially reached a turning point. The two writers predicted the future in a dystopian society full of extremely dumb people.

In their prediction–advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism have run rampant. A dysgenic pressure has resulted in a uniformly stupid society devoid of intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, and coherent notions of justice and human rights. Sound familiar? I don’t know about you, but I would say these guys are pretty on point here. These guys are GENIUSES!! And what do you know? For those who predicted the rise of Asia, you were right too! Today marks the official Idiocracy of our society, led by the newly predicted super power.  Congratulations!  

I wonder, what would the Mayans and Nostradamus say if they were alive today?


~ by Daniela Louzada Esteves on December 21, 2012.

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