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Hey there, thanks for visiting my Blog.

I’m a Brazilian-American writer helping companies take a multilingual approach to their digital marketing strategy. My specialty is providing copy in English and Brazilian Portuguese. Language is my passion and my multi-cultural background allows me to have a unique point of view in that I grew up in two completely different cultures and had the chance to experience both of them fully. My diaspora is a part of who I am and through my writing I look to take advantage of it and make it a positive trait. The word diaspora itself has a negative past and it gets its history from being used to explain the dislocation of a people by force. It is my belief that it could be a positive aspect of a person’s history and regardless, it is what makes them who they are. I’m choosing to make my diaspora my strength.

My background is in publishing, technical writing and editing, financial writing and editing, food writing, business development, project management, and marketing. I worked for over six years writing for large and small corporate companies and helping them gain new business through my words. Some may think English is my most fluent language since I have a BA from Rutgers University. However the language of my heart has never been forgotten nor suffered due to my immigrant status. Through reading, writing, and research, I have been able to keep and further develop my mother language and am completely fluent in it. I am able to provide value in both languages and do not like to brand my services as translation services. I can say from experience that truly everything gets lost in translation and to do just that would be to provide less than what I have to offer for my clients. Whether you require a multilingual approach to your marketing strategy or just English content, I can provide my clients with a fresh and creative outlook to their business through my writing and in turn promote growth and understanding; ultimately turning my guidance into increased profits for many businesses and giving them the time to do what they do best which is run their business.

My work allows me to express my necessity to choose and to define myself before life. My challenge lies in the struggle to deal with the internal divisions my diaspora has created while trying to incorporate the multiple characteristics of self, even if such appear to be divergent.



2 Responses to “Louzada Copy”

  1. If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. Jim Rohn

  2. I always loved whatever you writes!! I’m your number one fan 🙂 love you mom ❤️

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